from BARANOK Families weekend activity to trailblazer brand name:EGGY IT started at 1971 around Konya in a 13 acres of land which bought for family activities. . First 500 chicks have been bought for utilizing fruits and vegetables.Since then it became a small business At first.because of shoddy lures in the market,we’ve decided to open a lure factory for quality lure. İn 2004 we have added EGGY brand to our company,and started up a new office in İstanbul. We delivered our stuff from our company center Konya and İstanbul Office.From this date on EGGY brand have took place in süpermarket and deli shells around the country. Turkey’s first TSE(Türkish Standart İnstutite) certificated egg brand EGGY,working with üniversities and getting analysis from TUBİTAK,started special egg manufacture. With variety of pruducts and new brands; EGGY continues to consolidate it’s place in the market and keep groving. Our Mission At the beginning we said ‘QUALİTY FİRST’ and keep going with this mission.We will be in our nations dinner tables as safe and trusted brand. Our Vision Without capitulate our quality,safe.naturel and trusted products;first.becoming a trusted brand and have happy customers.

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